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People usually have 2 hour parties which includes a party food/cake time (which the family or KIDZFUN provides.) At a KIDZFUN party the children are greeted and welcomed into the venue. It often takes about 10/15 minutes for everyone to arrive and so in this time I greet the children and introduce myself to them, have a little chat so they feel comfortable with me and give them a name sticker.

There is always a fun activity for them to get involved with while other guests arrive. Once the guests have arrived we make a circle and often sing a hello song (depending on age) or play a name game which involves everyone.

I tell the children what we are going to be doing and what signals are for start/stop and then we start the party fun. Children are active throughout and I never expect them to listen for more than a minute, we keep them moving and motivated!

I often work with a piano/keyboard player who accompanies all the action and games with music. All games, activities and music are adapted to fit the theme of the party whether it be Circus, Dinosaurs or Fairies, the entertainment is fully interactive and I will often feed off the children's ideas so there is always an element of spontaneity which adds to the fun.

After the best part of an hour we break for party food and the birthday cake, this usually takes about half an hour at the most. The last half hour of the party we either make something theme related (all art/craft materials provided) and play more traditional games with CD player e.g. musical statues/bumps. If there is an outdoor space and the weather is fine we will have some balloon and bubble fun outside.

At pick up time I will get the children sitting down together to say a big “thank you” to the birthday child and be collected by their parent. I will also hand out any prizes at this point.

This is a typical example of the type of party format that I will work to, but of course it is all flexible and sometimes we are booked for 1 hours entertainment only and the parent takes over at food time. Everything is possible!

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