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Most parents feel confident and enjoy providing the food and cake for their child's party but many parents/carers can feel a bit daunted by the thought of running the entertainment side of things.

These days there has been a big swing towards 'whole class' parties, especially in the infant school age range, and so entertaining up to 30 children is often out of many people's comfort zone! Also running the food and games fun can leave the parent feeling stressed or unable to enjoy their child's special day because they are so frazzled! My top tip here is call KIDZFUN party entertainment!

But if you are going to go it alone here are some top tips from my years of experience at running children's birthday parties.

Top ideas & tips

Get a couple of friends/parents to help you on the day. It's always good to have an allocated person to deal with any individual needs, upsets (there's always one!) or toilet duties.

Have a place/table for presents and coats to be placed on arrival. Give each child a sticky name label to wear, calling any child by their name always gets a quicker response. Arrange a simple activity for the children while everyone is arriving, it's good for the child to get involved straight away.

Make sure you have a good sound system and not a dodgy old CD player that's not loud enough! Lay down some ground rules and give clear signals for stop and start/quiet. Be flexible with your ideas and don't stick to a game if it's not working out well.

It's not advisable to play games with too much waiting time between goes and always have a game up your sleeve. Never get the party child to open presents first, it's sensory overload and better not have food out till food time otherwise you will not be able to get the children to focus!

But do have a place where the children can get a drink easily enough. Try not to play too many winner/loser games as it can lead to upset and frustration. It's a good idea for example to have a few winners, not only one.

Have lots of little prizes handy which you can hand out at the end. Get ideas from the children and get them to vote for things like what music is going to go on or what game is next.

Get them all together at the end to say goodbye and “thank you”, it's good to have a clear beginning and end to the party.

Try to use an outdoor space for some of the party if possible and weather permits. Lastly, have a good time and enjoy the party!

Party venues in Bath

Snapdragons Nursery Weston (BA1 2XT)
01225 426255

New Oriel Hall Larkhall (BA1 6RA)
01225 466606

St Marks Community Center Widcombe (BA2 4PA)
01225 310171

St Stephens Center Lansdown Road (BA1 5SX)
01225 427228

St Lukes Center Hatfield Road (BA2 2BD)
01225 331898

Widcombe Infants School Hall
01225 421998

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