Kidzfun - Children's Party Catering

Children's party catering service.

Kidzfun supports organic and local foods!

Contact Sally to discuss your party needs and together we will design a fantastic and memorable birthday party for your child.

Birthday Cakes and Party Food

Kidzfun can deliver great tasting party food that the children will love.

Our traditional catering services for children's parties - freshly prepared. Whatever you choose, you can be assured of tasty, healthy party food.

We can accommodate any special dietary requirements or come up with a tailor-made menu if you prefer.

Birthday Cakes

We can do a variety of birthday cakes to suit any theme, character cakes, 3-D fairy cakes, and cup-cake mountains are just some of our specialities. Prices start from £45.00.

Children's Party Menu

(£7.50 per child)

# Sandwiches : 3 different varieties. Choose from:
- marmite
- peanut butter
- egg mayonaise
- jam
- cheese and pickle
- ham
- tuna and sweetcorn

# Cucumber and carrot sticks and baby tomatoes

# Crisps, pom bears, hula hoops and pringles selection

# Fancy biscuits

# Fruit platter with grapes and berries

# Homemade cupcakes or a yogurt

# Organic juice or squash

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