Kidzfun - Art Workshops

Kidzfun Art and Craft offer themed children's workshops in Bath and Somerset that provide children age 2-10 years the chance to experience a variety of artistic media such as painting, clay, collage, making and modelling.

Kidzfun Art / Craft workshops cater to children of all ages, we will come to your venue with everything that is needed.

All activities are age appropriate and we have equipment for class size groups.

Equipment is sourced mainly form Bristol scrap store, keeping costs down and using recycled materials wherever possible. We can offer a variety of workshops to suit your budget.

We've run many themed workshops around festive times/days of the year like Mothers/Fathers days, Easter, half terms, Halloween and Christmas.

As well as this Kidzfun specializes in running Circus craft workshops where the kids can make juggling balls, decorate hula hoops and make rainbow streamers.

Kidzfun is currently running an after school Art club every Thursday at Bishop Henderson primary school Radstock.

See our up and coming Easter holiday workshop.

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